Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beauty Favorites: December 2013

It's been a long time since I have done a beauty post on here, but I just had to give some credit to these six products I have been loving lately. Oh, I thought I would also picture my favorite candle that I have been burning non-stop since I am currently at home and not in my dorm room. I am going to give you the down low on each product shown in order. I will try and be brief but we all know how that goes. 

First things first, the minute I locked eyes on the NARS One Night Stand cheek palette I knew it had to be mine. I knew I needed it because I don't have a cheek palette and this one includes three of NARS' cult favorites, Orgasm, Deep Throat, and Laguna. Despite my unpopular opinion of not particularly loving the Laguna bronzer, I still love every single blush in the palette and I have been using the highlighter everyday for the perfect, subtle glow. This palette is perfect for a blush addict on vacation because it is somewhat compact, yet you still have options. I was able to score this baby during the Sephora friends and family sale, and no I was not waiting at midnight for the sale to start with the palette already in my cart…

Next, we have the Oscar Blandi pronto dry shampoo and let me tell you, Oscar sure knows what he is doing in the hair department. As a college student with thin hair, dry shampoo is the product I was so lacking in my life. I have used dry shampoo before but none have compared to this citrus scented joy. I have absolutely no trouble blending the white powder into my dark hair, and it quickly adds volume and absorbs the oil in my hair in between washes. Even if it isn't second day hair quite yet, I still like to flip my head upside down and rub this into my roots for that needed volume. 

I am sure I have mentioned my love for Jack Black lip balms before, but I have been having a new affair with the Shea Butter & Vitamin E formula. Especially with the colder weather, my lips feel as dry as ever, but this stuff quickly mends my desert-like chapped lips in no time. If you love the Jack Black lip balms as much as I do, this scent (flavor?) is definitely worth checking out. It was love at first use.

My dear friend Virginia gave me the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume for my birthday in August and I still have not gotten over it. Due to my lack of being able to describe scents well, all I can say is it smells so good. I am not a fan of heavy perfumes, so this is definitely a lighter scent. However, I wouldn't quite say it is as light as a summer perfume. Just go to your nearest perfume counter and give this a sniff!

The Naked palette 1 and 2 are dear to my heart, but I think I am going to avoid Naked 3 for it's warm, pink tones. But I did recently purchase the Naked Basics palette (I know, I'm late) and I find it to be just as it is advertised: it is the perfect basic palette for everyday. Lacking the typical frost and shimmer finishes Urban Decay is notorious for, the matte shades are perfect for smoothing out an eye lid and adding subtle definition. But not to fear, the two darker shades on the right can be added to darken and smoke out a look for night. 

Last but not least, we have the Korres Lip Butter in the plum shade. I love these lip butters for their smooth, moisturizing consistency but this shade seems to add the perfect, dark berry tint for fall and winter. It smells good and has decent pigmentation, so what's not to love here? I included a picture of me wearing it on my lips above! 

Who said this was going to be brief? 
x Michelle

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