Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Some Favorites

Just thought I would take an entire post to lay out what I have been enjoying lately, material objects that is. Just a post entirely dedicated to the discussion of rompers, stacked bracelets, and beauty products. Hold on to your seats, this is important stuff.

The first topic to go over is the glorious clothing item called a romper. Some call them playsuits, some call them rompers. For now, let's just refer to it as a romper. The great thing about a piece like this is that you can make an entire ensemble with just one item of clothing. As you know, I like to complicate things so I opted to tie a cardigan around my waste and add a hat. This particular romper is from Urban Outfitters and I just love the quarter length bell sleeves. The polka dot print is pretty cute too, huh? The cardigan is All Saints (thrifted) and the hat is from H&M. 

All right, the next topic up for discussion regards the lovely stack I have been wearing on my wrist. I have already mentioned my beloved Daniel Wellington watch in my last post and I think I am wearing an Alex & Ani bracelet in almost all of my outfit photos. The new item to my collection is the leather and Swarovski crystal bracelet from Noma Los Angeles. I particularly like the gunmetal shade of crystals as it's a shade I am not typically attracted to. Definitely make sure to check out their site as you will be happy to find a huge sale going on! 

Every now and then, I like to give a quick run down of the beauty products that have really stood out to me lately. First thing on the list is the Prada Candy perfume. Now, describing scents is a skill I don't have so all I can tell you about this particular perfume is that is smells really sweet, but a little more mature than something like Pink Sugar. I love it. As for more things that make me smell nice, I have been loving my "It's Raining Men" shower gel from Lush. If you didn't know, this shower gel is the same scent as the "Honey I Washed the Kids" soap just in gel form! The nineties lip is still in and I have been rocking the look with MAC Twig lipstick. The color is classic and extremely wearable, pictured on my lips in the last photo. The Laura Mercier translucent loose powder has been my favorite lately. Out of all the powders I have ever used, I find this gives my skin a smooth, natural finish while still keeping the shine away. 

Hope you all enjoyed. Look out for a true outfit post coming soon. 
xx Michelle

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Photos by Justine Solan.