Sunday, May 25, 2014


My outfit truly reflected the weather that southern California was experiencing this day. June Gloom has fully commenced, and we will now patiently wait for the sunny days we associate with summer. Well, it's California, so we kind of associate sun with all seasons. 
This outfit was extremely simple and consisted of only black and white (ahem, "monochromatic"). The leather shorts are an old favorite, paired with this smock-like top from Topshop. I recently had a discussion with a friend about dressing to accentuate your body, and then just not caring and wearing whatever makes you comfortable. I usually go for the latter. This smock-like white top is exactly what I am talking about; it may not be the most figure flattering, but I think it drapes well and looks nice with so many different bottoms. I do have to mention that it is highly wrinkle prone, an iron or steamer is definitely needed with this one. As for the shoes, I wore my sandals purchased from ASOS.  The shoes definitely follow the gladiator style that is trending for the summer, in addition to having the heel that makes my shorter legs look a little longer. The bag is my new go-to by Kate Spade Saturday
Hope you guys enjoy! I recommend listening to the Bahamas for some serious summer vibes. Talk to all of you soon. xx

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Friday, May 16, 2014

My First Coachella

Words cannot express how much fun I had at Coachella this year. I will never forget the experiences I had, especially driving home from the desert at four in the morning in order to get back to three weeks of final exams and assignments. That being said, sorry for the delay on posting these photos.
Because we aren't allowed to bring in professional cameras, these photos are a mixture of photos taken before we went everyday and photos we took there with our phones and disposable cameras. 
As for the outfits, on the first day I wore a t-shirt with crochet detail from Urban Outfitters. I paired the light-weight shirt with One Teaspoon shorts and a hat. My outfit almost everyday was topped with my black hat, jewelry piled on my neck and wrists, and my fringe booties that kept my feet clean in the crowds of people. For day two, I wore a lace off the shoulder top paired with some jean cut-offs and a suede fringe vest. Booties and jewelry in tow, again. The last day was the hottest out of the weekend, so I wanted my outfit to be lightweight and airy. I paired some floral shorts from LF with a crop top with detail on the hem from Nasty Gal

I had so much fun getting ready and seeing the festival styles everyday. I even got to see Vanessa Hudgens and hug Austin Butler. I am so thankful to have had this experience and I am so excited to experience weekend 1 in 2015. Happy Coachella!

xx Michelle