Saturday, October 11, 2014

Smock Like

I am finally catching my breath and posting these photos. This school year, I am finding it difficult to even organize my thoughts. I know challenges force you to grow, but I feel like every time I get my head above water a new wave comes over and forces me under again. For everyone who actually knows my life, I am probably just being dramatic. But I am trying to really add more of my thoughts and opinions into these posts. I know it may just seem like I take some photos of my outfits, but standing in front of a camera showcasing my very insecurities makes me feel so incredibly vulnerable. Yes, this blog is an outlet for me to express myself, but it is also another challenge for me to grow and accept my body and mind. Moving on from that rather lengthly introduction, let's discuss my new university style must-have.

In busy times, the smock dress prospers. On my college campus, I have seen so many girls sporting this seasons Brandy Melville hit, the t-shirt dress. These types of dresses - the shapeless, patterned dress that you just throw on and don't have to think about, are the best thing for class. Do you know why? They are so simple to style and it makes it look like you tried to plan your outfit for the day. The reality is, I woke up 10 minutes before class and threw on a dress and a pair of booties. To subsidize for the lack of fall weather, I have been sporting a darker fall lip color. This dress I have been rambling on and on about was purchased from Urban Outfitters. My boots are the infamous Jeffrey Campbell Everly booties that I overwore last fall.

Now I am sharing some of my inspirations through internet links - content I have really enjoyed watching, listening, or reading. My beautiful friend, Hannah Renee, released her very own album recently and this is one of my favorite songs of hers. With fashion month having recently come to a close, check out this Paris Fashion Week Travel Diary by Chriselle Lim. It's a dream. Clueless is one of my favorite movies and Lisa Eldridge is one of the most admirable women in the make-up industry, so of course I was excited to see her do a "Make Up Moment" on Alan Friedman's work for the film.

That is all I would like to discuss for this one! Hope to talk to you soon. Thanks for reading.
xx Michelle

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Photos by Justine Solan.

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