Friday, June 26, 2015

Booties in Summer

DRESS: Urban Outfitters // SHOES: Forever 21 // BRA: Urban Outfitters // JEWELS: flea market finds // WATCH: Daniel Wellington // BAG: Steve Madden
Even in the summer heat I have still managed to wear booties. This Southern California native is heading to Europe in the fall for school and I've been keeping that in mind while shopping lately. I found these almost perfect booties from Forever 21 recently. They are a Chelsea boot style with a pointed toe and a little bit of a heel. The only reason why they are almost perfect is the fact that they aren't quite worn in yet and are a bit painful. But sometimes we have to sacrifice comfort to look good, right? I paired the booties with other versatile pieces that were more summer-friendly. The dress reminds me of a baseball jersey with the buttons all the way up the front center. It's versatile because it can be unbuttoned and thrown over another outfit for a different style. The lace halter bra peeking out at the top adds a little something extra. As per usual, I accessorized with the basics. Hope you enjoy this one and are enjoying your summer! 
xx Michelle

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