Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Walking Shoes

CROP TOP: Brandy Melville // SKIRT: Goodwill // SNEAKERS: Topshop 

I always find maxi skirts a bit tricky to style, especially for my body type. With so much fabric it's easy for the outfit to just overwhelm your body and eat you up. For this simple look I paired the maxi with a crop top, which I think really helps balance all of that going on at the bottom. Living in Florence, I walk everywhere. It is so important for me to wear comfortable shoes and white sneakers are comfortable, yet very on trend at the moment. These sneakers are from Topshop and if you are going to be walking as much as I do everyday, I would suggest investing in a nicer quality pair of sneaks. These ones look great, but definitely hurt my feet after a couple of hours. Hope you enjoy this simple look!
xx Michelle 

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Cool stuff: I can't live and travel Europe without the City Maps 2Go app. You pre-download the city map when you have wifi and then you can always access it through the app. The best part is it uses GPS and shows you where you are on the map without having to use data. 


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