Thursday, February 20, 2014


Lately, the marine layer has not been burning off by the beach, which has enabled the "sweater weather" ensemble. As a southern california native, I am very conflicted with "cold" weather. Although I love the year round sun, I also get bummed when I am unable to dress all cozy in layers. 
I know there is not much to this outfit, but it was a gloomy afternoon in Santa Monica and I thought it was appropriate. Ok, maybe booties aren't beach appropriate but it wasn't beach weather anyway. This outfit consists of a bright coral chunky knit sweater I snagged at the Topshop sale a while ago. The color of this sweater is a little overwhelming, so I kept the look sweet and simple with my go-to Sam Edelman booties and some old ripped up jeans. The bright color was definitely a pop on such a gloomy  day. 
As for the title, I am really content with my life recently. I've really learned this week that everything does happen for a reason and you may not know it now, but there is good in everything. I think you should also listen to the song Serotonin by the Mystery Jets.
Hope you enjoy!!
xx Michelle

Photos by Justine Solan.

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