Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cutouts & Tan Lines

Something big has happened this summer, something so strange and new to me that's changed the whole way I view myself. I have always accepted myself as a perpetually pale person, until now; I have actually gained a tan. Now this a tan that is subtle compared to most summer tans, yet so obvious to me. Just to clarify, I obtained this tan while wearing sunscreen and no, it is not fake. 
Now onto the outfit. I purchased this dress from Nasty Gal at the beginning of summer, but I have been stumped on what bra to wear with it until now. I would like to thank my trusty sticky bra for making this look happen. These awesome sandals are a recent purchase from Pixie Market, and they are actually a lot easier to put on than you would think, thanks to the zipper in the back. I find outfits harder to style in the summer due to the heat, which makes layers completely impossible. That's where my appreciation for these gladiator sandals come in, for they are just an amped up summer staple. 
I shot these photos at one of my favorite spots in Orange County, The Lab in Costa Mesa. We ate lunch at The Gypsy Den and I scored an All Saints sweater at the Buffalo Exchange there. If you are looking for unique shops and restaurants, I recommend this "anti-mall" as they call it.
I would like to give a quick shout out to the band Tanlines, which I have been listening to while writing this.
Hope you enjoy! xx Michelle

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photos by Carly. 
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