Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mountain Halls

On a recent family trip to Lake Tahoe, I took advantage of the scenery to showcase yet again, another unflattering pair of boyfriend jeans. Yes, they may make my butt look flat and they give me the stereotypical "mom" look, but I don't care. They are comfortable, chic, and they make me feel cool. This look may not have been the proper attire for climbing through trees, but let's get real, I wouldn't really describe myself as "granola". 
Alright, let's get down to the details. The boyfriend jeans I already discussed are from Topshop and feature a medium colored wash with all the rips I could ever wish to have, just to further perplex the older generation. The sweater has already been worn in this post, from Urban Outfitters but thrifted from a local Buffalo Exchange. It seems like a basic striped sweater, but it features two diagonal seams that shifts the stripes off course. Not so basic now, huh? I then added a black hat from Urban Outfitters and some flats from Steve Madden. My bag is my usual Kate Spade Saturday Mini A Satchel and my jewelry is a mix of my tortoise shell Fossil watch and a flea market stone bracelet. 
Remember, you should always dress for yourself and no one else. Hope you enjoyed!
xx Michelle

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