Sunday, May 24, 2015

Disposables: Spring 2015

Disposable cameras are so fun to me because they are easy and you just never know what kind of photo you are going to get. My friends and I love bringing disposable cameras along whatever we do so I thought I would share some of them with you. These photos were all taken at Weekend 1 of Coachella, in Joshua Tree National Park, and on a road trip I took with friends up the California coast. The road trip was definitively a highlight of Spring 2015 for me. We started in Los Angeles and went up the coast making stops in Santa Barbara, Solvang, San Luis Obispo, Cambria, Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Berkeley. It was a long trip of cheap motels and lots of driving but doing it with friends was so much fun and I am always impressed with the beauty of California. Hope you enjoy looking at all these photos as I know they will bring up a lot of fun memories for me when I revisit them in the future. 
xx Michelle

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