Friday, May 15, 2015

In Between

Well, another semester of school went by and I further neglected my blog. I took these photos on my first summer activity - my friend Mac and I went to Alfred's on Melrose for good coffee and some laptop time. We are both feeling inspired to really utilize these little online platforms of ours. I have some unconventional posts lined up but I am really looking forward to putting more of myself into this site. 
In between - the state I am finding myself in right now. As a college student, I am constantly undergoing change. I just finished my second year at school and I am heading to Florence in the fall for a study abroad program. I said goodbye to a position I held all year, said "see you later" to friends I will not see until January, and I went back home to work on myself this summer. The weather is also reflecting an "in between" state lately. The mildly warm weather called for something easy and breezy: these pants. Not only did I feel like I was wearing pajamas in this outfit, but it was the perfect outfit to throw on for an afternoon sitting at a coffee shop. It was comfortable and slightly unflattering, just the way I like it. These pants are from Brandy Melville and the top is from Zara. The sandals and the over-worn fringe bag were last minute additions that completed the look according to my standards. My go-to shades lately have been my TOMS Yvette frames. That pretty much sums it up! Talk to you soon.
xx Michelle

Shout out to my high school German teacher, Frau Mueller, for being my #1 fan. 
Music of the moment: Anything by Father John Misty, Vienna by Billy Joel, & Sleeping Lessons by The Shins.  

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