Monday, August 3, 2015

Sights & Bites: July 26th, 2015

DRESS: Urban Outfitters (on sale too!) // HAT: unknown // BOOTS: Forever 21 // NECKLACE: Nordstrom // BAG: Zara
I'm back with another lifestyle post for you. There is so much exploring to do and especially in a city like Los Angeles, there is always something new to see. My friend is a huge Kanye West fan and his exhibit with Steve McQueen at LACMA gave us an excuse to head to LA again. Our first stop was the exhibit, which was basically just an extended music video playing on repeat in the center of the room. You get access to the exhibit just with a general admission ticket, so we enjoyed walking around the rest of the museum because I shamefully have never been inside. There are always food trucks across the street from LACMA so we also grabbed something to eat while we were there. My favorite food truck (which unfortunately was missing in action) is the Arroy Food Truck. If you ever see this truck around, I definitely recommend grabbing something. Next on the agenda was the Bates Motel on Sunset. There isn't really much I have to say about this one. It was an old abandoned motel on Sunset that they painted completely white, even including the Palm Trees. It was cool to see but I guess I don't know enough of the backstory to fully take interest. We finished our day with one of my favorite things to do - grabbing a coffee from one of LA's best, this time being Intelligentsia. We went to the Intelligentsia in Silver Lake which is such a cool part of LA. There are so many little shops and restaurants to check out and it just had a pretty good vibe. That's all there is to cover for this one. Hope you enjoyed reading about what I was up to! Don't forget to check out my Instagram account to see more photos like these. 
xx Michelle

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  1. It was just a simple day with you and your friend, but it sure look like you both had a great time. It's really nice to visit museums once in a while. And good thing there are food trucks along the place, though your favorite one was not around. Nonetheless, the food you ate certainly looks delicious! Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment of yours, Michelle! :)

    Vivian Wolfe @ Jerrys-Kitchen