Thursday, December 18, 2014


The world is not simply black and white - it's extremely grey.
I just keep running into this idea when there is no right or wrong answer to anything. What is the "right" way to go about dating someone? Grey. What is the answer to social justice issues? Grey. What is the solution to all the material covered in my women studies class? Grey. This is sometimes really frustrating for me when I am looking for a particular answer, yet I also find it somewhat comforting. These "grey areas" are open for interpretation and there is always a different, perhaps better way to approach something. It is also quite comforting to know that there isn't really a wrong way to do something, you just attempted one of the methods possible in this vast "grey area" and you can always try again. 
In regards to this outfit, I think this look directly parallels my thoughts and feelings as of lately. I also dressed this way in response to the cold and rainy weather we have finally been given in Southern California! I think we all needed it...the lakes and riverbeds, our over-worn sandals, and our sanity. The grey chunky knit is from Urban Outfitters. We have been given sweater weather, and Urban Outfitters has responded people. The dark wash denim is my new favorite pair from Zara and the hat was thrown on because I didn't feel like washing my hair. The glorious boots are by Stuart Weitzman, which I have already featured here and here
I have learned so much in 2014 and I look forward to more lessons and experiences in 2015. You will be reading a lot more from me in the new year as well! Hold me to it. 
xx Michelle

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Songs on repeat lately: Afterlife - Arcade Fire. All of nostalgia, ULTRA by Frank Ocean. I Forget Where We Were - Ben Howard. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac. 

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