Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sights & Bites: July 19th, 2015

In my opinion, it is so important to get out and explore the area you live in. Wherever you're from, there must be something you haven't yet seen or someplace you haven't yet been to. I am a regular shopper at flea markets. My usual go-to is the Melrose Trading Post, but this past Sunday my friend Mackenzie and I ventured into downtown for the Artists & Flea. Flea markets always have so many unique treasures and they are my go-to destination when looking to buy jewelry. You can always find trendy yet inexpensive costume jewelry or you can find local artists that design more higher end stuff. I like the idea of supporting local vendors and paying less for what you get. 
After shopping around for a bit in the heat, we got really hungry and went on a search for some food. We first stepped into Daily Dose cafe, which was situated in an alleyway with a menu that featured good coffee and vegan options for Mac. After finding out the restaurant had closed just as we walked in, we headed West to check out Gracias Madre. I've seen this restaurant on social media way too much and so has everyone else I guess because they couldn't seat anyone else for the night due to too many reservations! Since we were starving at this point and already in WeHo, we found a parking spot at Zinque and ordered immediately. We ended our little excursion at Kippy's in Venice for some dairy free ice cream, which was super yummy. 
Next time, I will try and document the whole day for you. More photos from this day can be found on my Instagram account here. I like posting more lifestyle posts, so expect more soon!
xx Michelle

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